Prat Chi

Designed and conceptualized by Prat Chi who by profession is a budding filmmaker and has been a part of Bollywood and Hollywood films. Pratik has explored his other side too, the earthier and real one. He decided to make Chi House using only mud and earth bags on a secluded farmland inside a forest reserve. He knew nothing about construction and his inspiration came from Youtube DIY videos. Chi House was created in one intense and hardworking summer of 2015. Since then Chi House has become a popular local landmark and a favorite hideout for our City friends. The villagers often refer to it as ‘Maaticha Bangla’ – Bunglow made of Earth.

“We all have this deep rooted desire of having a house in a secluded and exotic location, a house where you can experiment and create with the simple resources that Nature provides and just leave that maddening and superficial Mumbai life behind, at least for few days. Bhandardhara’s medicinal air and clean waters were inviting especially because of the close proximity to Mumbai. I am glad I worked my ass off to chase my dreams and it is an overwhelming feeling to make your vacation home by your own hands. I wanted to break the habit of living in a conventional house and hence we took the pain to construct this hexagonal studio apartment with mud, simply to break away from a mundane experience of living in a rectangle house. This is just the start of creating our ideal life, we are in plans to build more sustainable structures and transform the place into a thriving hotspot for Events and Workshops. We want the place to become a confluence of rural and urban life. Where visitors can buy organic produce straight from the farmers and we want to introduce our modern knowledge to the local tribal communities. The best part is that, we have just begun …”

“Let’s wander, where the Wifi is weak”